What is the most important team leadership skill for the project economy?

Projects drive change. What drives projects? Teams do. The success or failure of your project is dependent on the strength of your project team. Traditional teams don’t cut it anymore in the emerging project economy, where operational work is automated and value-added human work happens within the context of projects.

In its thought-leadership publication, The Pulse of the Profession, PMI highlights the DNA of teaming 2.0: agile, change-ready, collaborative, innovative, and led with empathy. What is the most important leadership skill for teaming 2.0? Collaborative leadership. That begs the question: how collaborative is your organizational and project culture?

Here’s how to strengthen collaborative leadership:

1. Recognize and reward leaders who demonstrate this skill.

2. Bring in facilitation training for team leaders.

3. Strike a balance between collaboration and agility. If decisions take too long, teams risk not being agile by over-collaborating.

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